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Bi Led Projector Lens



LED Chip: CREE & CSP 7070 chips
Input Voltage:DC9-20V
Rated power: 43W(low beam)
51W(high beam)
Illumination: low beam>800lx@10m
high beam>950lx@10m

Color Temp:5500K
Main Body: Aluminum
Cooling Style: Fan Heatsink Built-in

With Hella R3 mounting Racket Only


1. All Bi led Projector Lens are Universal 3.0 inch bi-LED projector lens for car and motorcycles, will fit for all the cars, professional installation is recommend.

2. Aluminum material, with efficient cooling function, stable working performance, long life span.

3. Professional high temperature resistant LED chip,30'000 hours of continuous work with LED.

4. with built-in motor inside for shift high beam and low beam, with long life and will never Stuck.

5. When drive in rainy; foggy; snowy night, the light will be more penetrated, more bright, reduce traffic accidents. 6. Low beam function will not shinning the coming drivers. High beam will give you more bright sight when driving in highway or countryside road.    

Attention: We recommend against installing it yourself, Non-quality issues refuse to return.

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